WhiteStone IT was founded in 2011 by Liz Bambury and Richard Saunders with the aim of providing top quality IT support for the SMB market.

Both Liz and Richard have worked within the IT sector for the last twenty years, including roles within corporate enterprise environments and small business; and covering all levels of support, project planning and implementation, systems architecture and strategic IT planning.

Currently WhiteStone IT regularly supports over 40 businesses, along with ad hoc projects for others, and our customer retention since 2011 has been 98%.

The IT landscape is constantly evolving and changing, and we have had to ensure that our products and services remain aligned with current trends. With the current drive for combining IT and telecoms into a single seamless experience of collaboration and mobility, IT no longer exists in isolation but is now about communications. The key core areas are VoIP telephones, Wi-Fi and cloud services for email, files, device management and line of business applications.

Many existing telecoms providers are also recognising the convergence of IT and telecoms and are attempting to add IT support and cloud IT systems to their portfolio; whilst we agree that it is now essential to deliver both, adding VoIP telecoms to IT is far easier than the other way around. Experience has already shown us that telephones are far easier to implement and support than any IT systems, even cloud based.

WhiteStone Communications bridges the gap between IT and Telecoms to provide the ultimate single point of contact for all aspects of business communications.

Meet the senior team

Liz Bambury
Liz BamburyDirector and Co-Founder
Richard Saunders
Richard SaundersDirector and Co-Founder
Mike Keats
Mike KeatsTechnical Services Manager
Sue Hurst
Sue HurstAccount Manager